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Service & Bodyshop at W Milligan & Sons

The W. Milligan & Sons Bodyshop Customer Pledge:

• Following an accident our highly trained and skilled employees will support you and your insurer with advice and guidance.
• We will work with your insurance company to make sure that you are not left stranded.
• When you contact us, we will respond promptly.
• Our body repair team is trained to exacting Ford Standards, always maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship.
• We only use Ford Approved methods, ensuring the integrity and longevity of every repair.
• We will always use Genuine Ford Parts and paint.
• You will be kept informed during the repair process.
• Following the repair of your vehicle, the Ford Anti-corrosion Warranty will remain in place.
• We will return your car to you washed and vacuumed.


Know your rights... The Office of Fair Trading and the British Board of Motor Insurers have agreed that as a motor vehicle insurance policy holder you have the right to use the repairer you wish to carry out the work on your vehicle regardless of the insurance company’s advice. You are not obliged to use only their approved repairer.  At W. Milligan & Sons, our company motto and mission statement is, “Trust, Transparency & Family Values” because we clearly understand the importance of your total and complete satisfaction.
Insurance companies direct their policyholders to their ‘preferred’ or ‘approved’ repairers who are not necessarily approved by Ford or other manufacturers. This  allows your insurer to keep their costs down because they have agreed discounted rates with their network of repairers and whilst many accident repair firms are professional companies, there are still many bodyshops who will repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible; not taking your quality expectations, your safety or any form of customer satisfaction into account. They may use non-genuine parts and this could invalidate your warranty.  At W. Milligan & Sons, we do not cut corners when it comes to quality.

Your insurer may also state that you must provide two estimates before they can proceed, but this is not the case. It is your vehicle and you have the legal right to have it repaired at a repairer of your choice.

As a Manufacturer and Insurance Company Approved Repairer, we invest heavily in the ongoing training of our staff to the very highest standards. Additionally, W. Milligan & Sons purchase the correct tooling and equipment necessary to restore your vehicle back to its condition prior to your accident.

W. Milligan & Sons do not compromise when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. To find out more, contact our Body Repair centre in Millom on 01229 770199 today.


All Ford Services come with Breakdown Assistance

If you bring your Ford to be serviced at our Foundry Road Service Centre in Millom you will now receive up to one year of Breakdown Assistance* as well as the usual expert service from Ford trained technicians using specialist Ford tools and quality Ford parts.

Your 12 months’ Breakdown Assistance is valid throughout Europe*. In an emergency, Ford Assistance 12 provides the appropriate Breakdown Assistance in the UK and across Europe, including:

  • Home Start – Assistance at your home
  • Roadside Assistance – Breakdown assistance at the roadside
  • Vehicle recovery – If we can’t arrange a prompt repair, we’ll transport you and your vehicle to the nearest Ford Authorised Repairer
  • European assistance – Emergency assistance in Europe

*Terms and conditions apply. Please see Ford UK website for details.

Diesel De-Tox

Modern diesel emissions control devices such as PCV and, in particular EGR valves, can lead to carbon deposits in the air intake tract. These deposits, and the deposits in the EGR valve itself, are causing modern diesel engines serious running problems. Traditionally the solution has been to take the valve off, clean it and then replace it, or in some cases just blank the valve off.

These solutions are not ideal.

The first solution is only a temporary and part fix. Cleaning just the valve ignores the fact that, if the valve is dirty then the channels from and to the EGR are likely to be dirty too, and so is the air intake tract and intake valves. The intake tract and valves, if dirty, will have a pronounced effect on the performance and economy of a diesel engine. Diesels require upwards of 20,000 litres of air to every litre of fuel to perform efficiently and anything that interrupts that air flow is detrimental to performance.

Blanking off the EGR is not always possible, or desirable. The EGR valve is there to reduce Nox emissions, a particularly nasty greenhouse gas that reacts with sunlight to form toxic chemicals and contributes to acid rain.

W Milligans & Sons are please to announce a new technology which utilises the latest in high-tech automotive chemistry and diagnostic computers to solve all the above problems.

Spending a fortune on Injectors, Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR Valves & Intake manifolds is not always the answer. Our NEW specialist equipment chemically de-cokes the engine & removes stubborn carbon deposits; Returning lost power or occasional lack of power & typically improves fuel economy by 7.5%-12.5%! Even if you have no problems, this is an excellent preventative measure for your engine & will save you money for years! Call 01229 770199 today.

Servicing, MOT and body repairs

As an authorised Ford repairer and Millom M.O.T. Testing Station, our workshop is fully equipped with the latest vehicle diagnostic systems and equipment. This, along with our commitment to continuous training and staff development, ensures our 'Right First Time' policy is achieved whenever possible. Our bodywork are able to undertake all aspects of accident repairs and paintwork, from a small scratch to a complete new bodyshell, and we are rightly proud of the high standard we achieve.


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